a beta world

Let's use data science to create a better world for gene­rations to come

Get more good out of your data


Is your company taking a stand for environmental protection or simply aiming to use its resources more efficiently? Let your data guide you to the most impactful move.

Social equality

Our data is created by an unequal world. Let’s use data science to propel humanity towards more equal treatment of people, despite their ethnicity, gender or social class.

For whom?

  • Commercial businesses looking to improve in these areas
  • Non profits tasked with policy or solutions concerning these values.

Bottled magic in the form of data science

Data solutions

Use the problem solving skills and data expertise of a beta world to deliver and implement data projects in your organization.

Visionary leadership

Boost your data team's performance by providing them with guidance on identifying and delivering the most relevant data projects within the organization.

Team training

Enable your data practitioners to correctly and consciously process and analyze data, as well as inspire others with their data stories.

Inspire innovation in your organization

Let us showcase the impact and inspiration that data can bring